Water Damage Restoration
Cleaning Mold, Mildew & Musty Odors

Water damage caused from flooding, exposure to moisture, or leaks requires specialized intervention and care. Without proper cleaning and/or restoration, water damage can cause irreversible property damage.

Eliminate these problems before they advance or begin!

  • Mold and mildew
  • Foul, musty odors
  • Rotting or material disintegration

KELPRO’s cleaning and restoration process includes water extraction, thorough drying, dehumidification (to further reduce moisture), disinfection and deodorization of the damaged areas. KELPRO will also replace or restore damaged materials.

Prevent future damage(s) to your property by properly repairing, replacing or restoring materials damaged by water.

Our restoration professionals are capable of sub-floor work, floor covering replacement/restoration, drywall, trim and baseboard replacement, decorative wallpaper and border replacement, painting and more! KELPRO also specializes in spot and stain removal on a variety of flooring and textile surfaces.

When you experience a disaster, call the one company that always puts you first. Contact Us today.

"Through this entire ordeal, you and your son, Davin, have been most helpful, and more especially, most available to discuss issues with us. In this day and time, it is refreshing to be able to telephone someone and actually talk to that person without having to go through two secretaries or an automated answering service." Robert