Textile Cleaning and Restoration

KELPRO provides professional cleaning and restoration services for a variety of textiles and precious materials. Many homeowners or business owners invest a significant amount in custom draperies, upholstery, oriental rugs and other unique textile collectibles.

Protect and preserve your investment.

Over the years, time begins to take a toll on precious materials and their surfaces begin to dull, show dirt and exhibit signs of mold, mildew or staining.

KELPRO is experienced in cleaning numerous fine materials including decorative carpeting, upholstery and drapes. All of our cleansing materials meet the highest quality of safety standards in order to ensure that your investment and environment is safe from harsh damaging chemicals.

When you experience a disaster, call the one company that always puts you first. Contact Us today.

"It has indeed been a pleasure to work with you and your staff on this job. Everything has gone very well. I find that all of your work and repairs to be very good quality and very satisfactory." Rodney