New Construction Drying

KELPRO technicians are available to evaluate your building project to determine if there are any areas that exhibit high moisture content which can be damaging to building materials and framework. New construction drying can help to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of cracks, settling, leaks, mold and costly future repairs.

New construction standards are a top priority!

KELPRO can evaluate buildings that have already been completed to determine if there are wet spots or areas with high moisture content that are likely to cause mold. Drying construction projects reduces defects related to moisture damage. New structure drying reduces the moisture content to levels that would inhibit microbal growth.

Ensure that your buildings are energy efficient.

In addition to drying, KELPRO can complete a thorough thermal imaging analysis of your construction site. Thermal heat detection provides valuable insight into the overall condition of your project. Thermal images can provide documentation that walls, joists and frame work are dry upon completion of your project.  Drying construction sites also improves quality by reducing defects related to moisture.

KELPRO will assess and administer drying techniques designed to control humidity and enable you to complete your construction projects quicker and more efficiently.

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