Infrared Imaging and Thermal Heat Detection

When it comes to your home, business, industrial facility, or construction site there’s so much more than meets the eye.  And when it comes to protecting your property investment, it pays to look a little deeper.

KELPRO professionals are trained and certified to provide complete infrared imaging and thermal heat detection services. Infrared imaging and thermal heat detection are used to evaluate the overall condition of buildings, machinery and jobsites, giving you an “inside” view of what may or may not be occurring structurally within your very walls.

Guaranteed Safe – From the Inside Out.

Thermal imaging can be essential in locating “hot spots” or danger zones within walls or industrial equipment due to electrical issues such as faulty connections or components. Infrared imaging can also detect areas prone to mold growth due to leaks or improper heating and cooling conditions. Thermal heat detection can easily identify the source of problem areas such as places within your home or office prone to overheating or drafts. By getting the inside view, you can safeguard against potential disasters caused by fire, smoke, and mold.

Thermal detection provides valuable insight into the overall condition of your project. Thermal images can provide documentation that walls, joists and frame work are dry upon completion of your project.  Drying construction sites also improves quality by reducing defects related to moisture evaporation and shrinkage of construction materials as they dry.

By using specialized detection devices that measure thermal radiant patterns, major temperature differences can be easily seen through thermal scanning devices. Thermal detection is discreet and unobtrusive; it can be easily performed in your home or office with little to no disturbance or down time. And it’s a great insurance policy for potential disasters down the road.

At KELPRO, we know it always pays to be prepared.

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